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Who Is This Man?

Who Is This Man?

Jesus of Nazareth is the most influential person who ever lived. But during his life, he was only known by a few hundred people in a forgotten part of the world. And then he died, and a small group of his followers began to spread a message about who he was and what it meant for their lives. And their message about who Jesus was transformed the entire western world and continues to do so today.

So, who is this man?

Essentialism: The Art of Finding What Matters

Essentialism: The Art of Finding What Matters

When we think of making new year's resolutions, we often think in terms of adding something new. But what if it's actually about subtraction? When you trace the word "resolution" back to its Latin origin, it means "a process of reducing things into simpler forms." Join us as we evaluate our lives and our hearts to remove the clutter and discover who God created us to be.



This Christmas season doesn't feel the same as year's past. Our calendars aren't as packed, our outfits aren't as fancy, and the joy of the season seems buried under the hard realities of life. But, with the usual distractions of the season stripped away, we have the chance to rediscover something we all need - wonder.

Join us as we explore the miracle of the Christmas story and the wonder that is waiting to be rediscovered all around us.

Faith Works

2020 has been a year full of uncertainy. It's been rough on all of us. But I do know that we aren't the first people to deal with uncertainty on this level. Faith Works, a sermon series based on the book of James, looks at how to find something to hold on to when life feels uncertain.

Now Is The Time

Routine is comfortable and familiar, but there is danger in routine. If we're not careful, routine can lead us to distraction, disappointment, and restlessness. This sermon series is based on the book of Haggai, it's a short and often-overlooked book with a powerful story about starting over. I think it's the perfect cautionary tale for anyone looking to find their way back to "normal".

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