Confirmation 2020

Cornelius will be hosting a live Zoom meeting from 11:00 a.m. to noon on Sundays to connect with confirmands and continue Confirmation class.

Please click on the link below using a device with a camera and a stable internet connection immediately following online worship on Sunday mornings.

Check you email for weekly devotionals from Cornelius. He will be working through a day in the Confirmation Lent Devotional. You can also find the latest videos below.

Wednesday Devotional 5/13/20

A large barrier for many Christians in living out their faith is understanding how exactly that is done. Knowing, being comfortable with, and utilizing one’s spiritual gifts is a primary way that a follower of Christ can live her or his faith daily. One of the last steps of being equipped to make a choice, or to say “yes,” to follow Christ is learning how God has created you to be in service in the world. Today will focus on helping you learn what your spiritual gifts are and how they can be used in the church and community.

Wednesday Devotional 5/6/20

Wednesday Devotional 4/29/20

Today we explore Wesley’s understanding of Christian perfection as it relates to living a life of following Christ. We are encouraged to follow Jesus’ way of life as Christians, using the Wesleyan practices of means of grace—works of piety and works of mercy—as ways to attain Christian perfection.

Wednesday Devotional 4/22/20

Wednesday Devotional 4/15/20

Wednesday Devotional 4/8/20

Wednesday Devotional 4/1/20

Wednesday Devotional 3/25/20

Wednesday Devotional 3/18/20